whitefish, MT
september 22-25, 2023

Montana, here we come!

Build your portfolio and live your dreams.

We will be staying at a beautiful Airbnb in Whitefish, Montana with mountain views.
We will shoot two beautiful elopements - one in Glacier National Park at Lake McDonald and one with stunning views.
We will also do headshots and one other shootout session.

Scroll for details, mood boards and booking.

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I'm a twin mama, fire wife, scuba diver and adventure lover. I am the owner of Sacred Knot Weddings & Elopements. I'm a wedding and elopement photographer based in Central Oklahoma. I also own Lulubird Creative, LLC where I specialize in families, maternity and all things western.


I am the owner of Casey Dee Photography. I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I am now based out of Harrah, Ok. I grew up loving horses, fishing, cheerleading and being around my family.

Today I spend my days with my husband, Jake, out on the lake fishing or at home with our four dogs!


Meet Your Hosts!

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Les Haven Ranch

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Arrive at the Airbnb. We'll connect, have dinner, get to know one another and check out each other's work.



September 23rd


September 24th


September 25th

We'll kick off the morning with breakfast. After that we will explore and take headshots. Or you can sleep in, take a walk or enjoy coffee on the beautiful patio - it's your retreat so you decide what's best for your time. After that we can do headshot swaps and relax before grabbing lunch.

Once we finish up lunch the first elopement will begin. Our bride will arrive to have hair and makeup done and the groom gets ready as well. It will be perfect for getting ready, flat lay and detail shots. After they are ready we will treat it just as any other elopement with bridals, a first look and then the elopement and portraits. We will start shooting before golden hour and finish during blue hour. We will be following Leave No Trace principles to ensure proper respect of our parks and open spaces.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, so we will all head home that morning,. I hope you will leave feeling refreshed and ready to head back to the real world with a happier outlook and a ton of phenomenal content.

We'll kick off the morning with breakfast. After that we will shoot a fully styled family session. Again, you can choose how to spend your morning.

We will have lunch, then have our bride and groom arrive to get ready, we will travel to the Ranch to begin shooting before sunset, then finish up at blue hour. We will be following Leave No Trace principles to ensure proper respect of our parks and open spaces.

September 22nd

Keep in mind that you are free to decide if you want to join in on all shoots or if you would like to spend your time differently. The point of this retreat is to connect with vendors, other photographers and to create fresh content. An official schedule will be sent to everyone the week before the retreat.

**Image is not mine, found on Pinterest for inspo and location.

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The Retreat

Two Elopements
Family Shootout

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We will have some hiking at Glacier National Park, bring appropriate shoes, a water bottle or skin, a headlamp and suitable clothing.

03. hiking gear

We will be shooting whether it's rainy or sunny. Bring a sleeve for your camera, a rain jacket and any other rain gear you may need.

02. rain gear

Temps average in the 60-70s during the day in September for Whitefish. Layers and extra socks are always a great idea.

01. LAyers

Whitefish, mt

What should you pack?

Bring your camera and lenses of course. Also bring your laptop if you'd like to edit while there, do portfolio reviews and anything else.

04. Your Gear

We will provide breakfast, some snacks and dinner. If you like specific snacks please bring your own. Also bring items to snack on during the hike.

05. snacks


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This isn’t is a non stop conference with speakers and information going at you full force. This is a chance to create phenomenal content that you love, connect and enjoy new scenery. There will be no more than 8 participants, including myself and Casey.

 It sounds amazing, right? It's a time to relax. A time to create. A time for you to step back. That’s why we're doing this and we know we aren't not the only ones.

So. How much does it cost to join us?

Whitefish, mt

Details and Investment

Booking with the Airbnb | Each spot is $1,350
Your $500 booking fee is due upon registration and is non-refundable.
Afterpay is available on all payments, including booking fee.

**Must be paid in full by August 30, 2023 or your spot will be forfeited and sold to another photographer. No monies paid will be returned.** .
Booking without the Airbnb | Each spot is $950
If you do not wish to stay with the group, we have the option to book without the Airbnb. The cost is $1,200. The $500 booking fee is due to hold your spot with the remaining balance due 30 days after.

We hope to see you there!

If you have questions, email me at info@sacredknotweddings.com

What's included

3 night stay - everyone will have their own bed, access to all shoots, breakfast, some snacks and dinner. Permits for Glacier.* An exclusive preset. A portfolio you'll love and show off to potential clients. New friends from across the US. An activity - details to come.

What's Not included

Flights and travel to and from the Airbnb.
The best airport to fly into is Glacier Park International Airport, use code FCA for Glacier Park International Airport.

I highly recommend connecting with one another and splitting car rentals. All attendees will be put in a private Facebook group
Lunches will not be included - we will have down time to explore and get what you like.

*Attendees are required to fill out paperwork for the permits in Glacier and submit it with the $120 permit fee directly to the park 20 business days before the retreat. I am working with the park directly to make sure all paperwork is filed properly for our shoot.*


The Mood Boards