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I was born and raised mostly in Oklahoma! We moved away a couple of times for my parents' work when I was young, but we always made our way back here. I graduated high school and college, started my career, married the love of my life and began my family here, so of course I have vendor friends I adore here.

If your wedding or elopement is taking place outside of Oklahoma I create a list of vendor recommendations for the location relevant to your day.

Why Oklahoma?

this day's all about you - let's make it the best day of your life.

When it comes to planning a wedding it can be incredibly stressful. Choosing your venue, DJ, decor, cake, colors, hair and makeup team, videographer, floral, where to shop for rings and dresses - the list goes on, can get overwhelming fast. Having a team that genuinely cares about your day is so important So, I have created a list of my vendor friends that I adore and think you would too. Click their names below to be taken to their website or social media!

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