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I hated seeing how many couples ended their wedding day saying they wish they had eloped, and done what they wanted instead of being pressured into a party they didn't want. I want to be your cheerleader in having the wedding day of your dreams - because you only get to do it the first time, once.

Out of all of the elements of your big day, your wedding photography is truly a lifetime investment. It’s a monumental moment in your lifetime that will be shared for ages to come and be passed down through your family. 

When you choose to work with me you can relax and know that your photographs will be taken care of. You no longer have to worry about if your day will be captured beautifully. 

From our initial contact to your final gallery and product delivery - I provide you with a simple, stress free experience leaving you with a gallery full of photos and a heirloom album to pass down to future generations that you’ll forever look back on and smile. 

It’s truly important that I work with couples that share in my brand values. This means that I do not take every wedding that I am approached with. So, let’s chat! It’s so important to me to hear about your upcoming day, discover who you are as a couple and create a plan that matches what you need for your day.

Hey, I'm Maci!

I love travel, and live for adventure

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When you contact me, you're not contacting another vendor. You're contacting someone that truly cares about you and your day. I care about what you value. My goal is to make your day memorable and to serve you to the best of my abilities. 

I know planning, contacting vendors and bringing your vision to life can be incredibly hard and makes you want to throw in the towel, saying forget it. I'm here to make that easier. I have a phenomenal vendors list of vendors that are wonderful to work with and truly care as much as I do about you. It's a list I have created from working with them at events, so I know what they bring to your day. I value them and know you will too. 

If you're eloping I partner with a travel agent in order to make planning and booking everything a breeze for you. You don't pay extra for the service either, so one less thing to worry about! I am also an ordained minister so I can marry you while we're adventuring on your big day and you don't have to find someone at the location for it. Additionally, I also help you find vendors for your day at the location whether it's in the US or in another country - I'll help you find the best people to make your day the best experience possible. I'll coordinate everything and create your day of timeline so you can relax and enjoy your once in a lifetime experience to the fullest. 

Once your photos are ready after 6-8 weeks, we'll get together with snacks and your favorite beverages for a reveal celebration of your images. You get to experience seeing your photos for the first time in a way you won't forget and get to see the magic of your day through my eyes.

The Experience

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When deciding on a photographer it is critical to pay attention to their style. That means how they pose subjects, as well as how they edit photos. 

I tend to lean away from the traditional poses as often as I can. This means I have you do prompts and act like yourselves. I encourage movement, laughter, talking, joking and being authentic. I'll give you tasks or things to do and capture the magic when you don't realize it.

My editing style is vibrant, true to color. To help achieve beautiful tones and vibrant colors, I highly encourage earthy or neutral tones when clients choose their attire for a couples or engagement session. Deep oranges, deep greens, deep reds, deep blues or creams, tans and browns. They photograph beautifully and give gorgeous tones. I also encourage clients to decide on one person's attire color and then plan the rest of the outfits around it with coordinating colors. 

LGBTQ+, POC, everyone is welcome.

My Style

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I bet you're wondering how Sacred Knot came to be? It's simple really. I'm an old soul and hopeless romantic. I wanted my business to reflect me and what is important to me so I can connect with couples that have the same values. 

As I'm sure you probably know, many cultures have incorporated using knots in their wedding ceremonies for centuries. While some have evolved and changed a bit, several still use them to this day. 

Sacred means, embodying the laws or doctrines of a religion. To me, this means you are entering a covenant with the other half of your soul. It goes deeper than 'getting the government involved,' as I've heard thrown about when marriage is discussed. Once again, I'm an old soul. 

My maiden name is McGregor, and my family is Scottish, so I wanted to incorporate my heritage as well. The phrase ‘tie the knot’ comes from a wedding tradition almost as old as time itself – the handfasting ceremony. This ancient Celtic practice, which dates back to the medieval era, literally binds couples together in matrimony by tying knots of cloth around their hands. And so two become one. As Scottish wedding symbols, all aspects of the knots were given meaning. The crossing of the strands of the knot represented the way in which the lives of the bride and groom were to be intertwined. The repetitious knots with each knot connecting to the next was like an unbroken chain of generations. The interlaces also represented intertwined hearts which, of course, represent love. The binding can occur in numerous ways, with the most popular method being a knot tied for each vow. The end result transforms into a unique keepsake for the couple.  You don’t have to be Scottish to have such a ceremony.

Another cultural belief is, a knot that becomes wet is extremely hard to untie – therefore, when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, your marriage is supposedly just as hard to unravel! We can thank Hindu traditions for this belief.

So, if you've found your soulmate and are ready to tie the knot together, let's connect!

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